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The Medium is the Message


"You had your time, you had your power
you've yet to have your finest hour"

Radio Ga Ga


in a world where
mythology creates itself
the gods we couldn't
bring ourselves to name even
noticed that we failed
to take ourselves seriously
so they gave us boys named George
in a …

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Expert Poem

if you are not an expert
you should not be reading
this poem

only an expert
is qualified enough
to know at a glance
if these words
have been manufactured
according to strictly regulated

if a shelf date
has not been stamped
at the bottom,
proceed with caution
for it may be an indication

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The Hills Had Caves


The Hills Had Caves

natives lived in those caves


out behind the farmhouse,
their artifacts trickle out
with each new generation
exploring the cool dark,
carrying big sticks &
fierce imaginations
on their bear hunts

timid beasts,
those blac…

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