Adrienne Veronese





i tossed it all
everything i owned
everything i'd collected
had filled the spaces with
had used to anchor the past
to emotions i have no use for anymore
found myself growing weightless
in the process
found myself waking up
to the limitless space
& memories that flood it

it didn't surprise me
to find you there
pushing a hand cart
over cobblestones on christmas eve
picking up the trunk i'd had shipped to boston
or that we danced that night
to the records you'd given me
for safe keeping

would you be angry
that i tossed those records too
even if in tossing them
i found so many things that truly matter
like you, still living in my heart?

while awaiting our reunion
i busy myself
dancing in all this open space
singing the songs
i collected along the way

august 2010
redwood coast

photo by Brooke Cagle


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