Adrienne Veronese

Giving in the Key of C-19


What if I were to say

I did nothing more

last Christmas

than pick tinsel

from my teeth, dismissing

the customary Christmas poem

as nothing more than a pathogen

of dubious origin?


(Would you point out

the obvious, that

most good poems are,

whether written for Christmas

or not?

           Or would you inspect

           every verse for evidence

           of poetic malfeasance

           hidden between the lines?)


What if we were to wrap

these gifts of pure intention

in nothing more

than naked metaphor

and let it seduce us

with its promises of warmth

on a mid-winter’s night?


If I found peace in my heart

and you found peace in yours

would it be the Christmas miracle

we have waited for,

measured in magnitudes of joy

so big it can’t possibly all fit in

a single heart?


Who is more surprised, then

when we open our eyes on

any given morning,

be it Christmas or not

to find it’s the gifts

we give ourselves

that matter most?



Adrienne Veronese

© Christmas 2021


Photo by Madalyn Cox on Unsplash

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