Adrienne Veronese


Let us speak entirely in metaphor today

let us agree to believe

in a literal interpretation of this love only

as it passes between us in its journey

to places beyond the sun that remain unnamed

even in our wildest imaginings

(because the answers are never as important

as the questions.)


Let us give a name to nothing of any importance

if it does not serve this literal love

this bending of the will toward

giving something mutual and larger than us

wings, that it may take flight and find a way

to that unnamed place beyond the sun

where all of our memories for eternity are kept,

and let us do nothing usefully with them

but savor the moments

connected by love.


Let us write love poems

for no one in particular

because a love poem written for one

is a poem written for all

and a love poem written for many

is a poem written for you. 


So carry it with you everywhere

because the heart has places

we have never heard of

to keep things that are important

to not just this world,

but worlds unnamed

beyond the sun.


Photo by Elijah Macleod on Unsplash


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