Adrienne Veronese

Running Home

Running Home


spring has called a rain delay
but the light
oh the light
the way it lets in everything
whether i want it to or not,
how your music drifts with it
& i recognize the clarity
of your vision in the beat
am helpless to do anything
but return the notes you send
in love's impossible volley
trusting the sky to deliver

in the dugout
the boys of summer
are too eager
for their diamond dance
to live only for the moment
wanting only
to make it home
for the win
while i linger on this moment
certain i hear your voice
calling me in
from the field

there is a win in these
soft intangibles, i rely on
the road map you guide me with
to lead me home,
a place made familiar
by simpler seasons
where you turned a phrase
as no other could
& in so doing turned the key
that unlocked my heart,
awakening me to the
earth sign's kiss.
for you i am doing the best
that i possibly can.
anything less would be
beneath you.




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