Adrienne Veronese

Poet, Novelist, Author, Essayist, Humorist

The Wind Comes in for Breakfast


the wind comes in for breakfast

& i will go out with it,
kicking up dust
& memories

the waitress closes the door
& the wind lights a cigarette.
i order hash browns & eggs

over medium while the wind,
impatient, taps its foot

the wind comes in for breakfast
bringing decisions that
and there is little i can do
about it but drink my mint tea
and leave

the waitress brings the check
and there is that moment
of hesitation. . .
dutch treat? i ask the wind,
but it won't look me
in the eye

the wind comes in for breakfast
& leaving no tip, shows me
the road, saying

Lopez Island, Washington


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lovely.. :)


I am delighted to have opened your eyes on the issue of the wind coming in for breakfast. You seriously want more information about it? Sorry i don't have a link for that. But i will give you some advice before you go out in search of it: wear boots. Also, if it's messy, do it over the sink.This comment has been moderated by the blog owner



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