Adrienne Veronese

Weapons System

They accuse us of weaponizing our tears,

yet when those tears are spent 

and we have no choice but to 

wave the white flag 

and change the locks, the 

best we can do in the endless cold war

we’re left with 


file the necessary forms 

in the bureaucracy they built 

on the proliferation of war.

A war that allows for

the weaponizing of our children 

so they might better deliver 

lethal payloads 

sent in retaliation 




aimed directly at hearts 

already broken 

      ( leaving a scorched earth in which

       spirits die at the bottom of their bomb craters 

       where collateral damage is considered

       fair game, 

       and children with battle fatigue

       are left to dig their way out

       and struggle with the fog of war

       in which 

       all of it is the mother’s fault.)

So in learning how much there is to gain 

from endless war 

they doubled-down 

and weaponized our sons 

even further,

sending them to die thinking of their mothers

in their final embrace with that war machine 

that was built to last 



And because there were those 

who saw how little there was to gain 

from allowing us to connect 

on the deepest level, 

they weaponized intimacy 

and gave us 


placing emphasis on the construct that 

it’s woman who gave us original sin,

so man had no choice but to invent war 

and blame her 


making him do it.


© Adrienne Veronese

International Women’s Day

       March 2021



Photo by Stewart MacLean on Unsplash

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