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skeletons of

blackened trees

erect a monument

to themselves

in this twisted landscape

where corruption

burns itself in effigy

and settles for pennies on the dollar

in which a spark of anything but Light

(well past the point

of redemption)

can signal the first s…

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Let us speak entirely in metaphor today

let us agree to believe

in a literal interpretation of this love only

as it passes between us in its journey

to places beyond the sun that remain unnamed

even in our wildest imaginings

(because the answers are never as important

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(or... Love for Love's Sake, Ego for God's Sake)

If this is love, give me another metaphor

for Sisyphus rolling that stone uphill

to the feet of Prometheus,

only to watch myself devoured by crows

while repeating never more

again and again


bound to these roles


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There Might be Dragons

as unlikely as it is

there would be a savior

whose birthday still confuses us

with respect to what gifts to bring                             


and as unlikely as it is

there would be a jolly man

whose pastime fills volumes

with images of el…

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The Knave Before Christmas


'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,

a rogue he was creeping, watchful for a spouse.

No husband to stop him from creeping and lurching,

no one to surprise him or stop him from searching.

Just that old rogue, once again sni…

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The Golden Ticket

They sleep on bus station floors
wrapped in each other
on well-bought sleeping bags,
their guitar the perfect piece
of accent furniture
for shelving s…

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Circular Ellipsis


at twenty I wrote a poem

that would be a song sung

by a woman in her twenties when I was sixty


at thirty I wrote a poem

that was a dream I had at twelve

of a woman who is eternal


at forty I found that place

between the biding time and fully awake

which activated at fifty

when …

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When Raised by Princes

This is what happens when royalty

which exists independent of the empire,

which springs from the loins of the tribe itself,

makes it past the checkpoints

& other measures meant to filter them out.


This is what happens when that …

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This was the scent that marked the end of summer

and the inevitable waltz into autumn's

colorful dance of crisp air and sweaters:

Cousin Tommy's delivery of

his annual bushel of gravensteins

from the tree at the end of his drive.


This was an afternoon of peeling and slicing -


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Diogenes Shrugged

 “Fuck Atlas,” she sighed,

pouring another glass of wine

and adjusting her tiara.

“He doesn't interest me nearly as much

as that dude who wandered through the dark

looking for an honest corporation.”


I didn't have the heart to tell her

she had it wrong

or perhaps she didn't ha…

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painted lady
i cannot take my eyes off
& by noon i am drunk
on her perfume
this wild bouquet
between my teeth
stumbling up
the aisle of spring
as if this all wasn't new
not at all concerned


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Of Cabbages and Kings

December licks the winter garden with an icy tongue
and I am left to wonder if there will be too little green
to gift neighbors with on the eve of newborn Kings.

Despite tales of old and promises of eternity
I begin to suspect this is no longer the season of wonder
of miracle births and hope for r…

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Mom's Angel Cake


Mom's Angel Cake

Sift one and a half
cups sugar. Measure
one cup cake flour
before sifting. Sift
three times with one
half cup sugar and a
half teaspoon salt. Whip
twelve egg whites until
foamy. Add one teaspoon
cream of tartar and beat
until soft peaks form.
Add one cup of sifted sugar
one t…

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Autumn Poem

Autumn Poem

autumn regains composure,
smooths her rumpled skirts
and casts a sharp, cold glance

morning brings no offerings
to the lovers.
what lingers in their hair
what remains a fixture
when they part, is the silence

autumn crosses her legs
as i walk past her blue eyes
into noon. (my hands, …

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about change


summer excuses itself &
steps out onto the porch
for one last look
at the falling sun
before taking up with the fog
muttering something indecipherable
about the allure of mysterious women
in explanation

summer's child begins to suspect
this may have been her last season
of running in shorts t…

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The Wind Comes in for Breakfast


the wind comes in for breakfast

& i will go out with it,
kicking up dust
& memories

the waitress closes the door
& the wind lights a cigarette.
i order hash browns & eggs

over medium while the wind,
impatient, taps its foot

the wind comes in for breakfast
bringing decisions that

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i walk the dog
before the curtain rises
on this inevitable dawn
as a flock of wild geese
passes overhead & i listen
through the fog to their report
on act one of this new season

a single goose has gone off course
his forlorn cry announcing
the arrival of a plot twist
i did not anticipa…

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Banksy Sighting


                              Banksy Sighting


"i see that Banksy left a post-it note for Anonymous"
                                         - They Might Be Giants

though i handed you …

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Happy Birthday America


Happy Birthday America


enjoy celebrating your freedom
beneath that canopy of fireworks
(invented by the chinese)
. . . don't waste
a single thought
on our debt to them
- just let yourself
stay distracted
by all the shiny things

(while you're at it
try not to think abou…

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Texas State School Board vs Reason

Texas State School Board vs Reason


the child looked forward
to the education
that she was told
would take her
to higher places
but she was surprised to find
the publishers of her textbooks
had poured their intellect
into a jesus-shaped
jello mold

her biology teacher
advised her to just memoriz…

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