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Author of Bring the Wu, St. Feare and Indigo Guardian. Creator of Shopping Cart Chronicles, with Tales of a Drunken Shopping Cart and other shopping cart adventures.

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Described by one reader as, "A penetrating look into the dark and hidden underbelly of pushcarts, this book forced me to re-think my relationship with shopping carts. Elegantly illustrated with candid and emotional imagery, the reader is left feeling introspective after experiencing this collage of social commentary."

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Nostrovia! Tavern
Hear Adrienne recite two of her most popular poems at Nostrovia! Tavern. Her wildly popular "expert poem," and equally favored "Banksy Sighting" showcase Adrienne's early influences by both beat poetry and absurdist humor while giving us the opportunity to hear her voice, confirming that she actually exists and is not a bot as some have suggested.

Adrienne's Scriggler
Enjoy Adrienne's ever-popular "expert poem," "the hills had caves," and samples of humor projects she's currently working on and sharing with fellow authors on Scriggler, the wildly popular site for writers. 

Mad River Haiku
Haiku and other poems from behind the Redwood Curtain.
In progress. Launch date to be announced.

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