Adrienne Veronese

The Low Spark of Wise Men Origins


   Before there was a Christmas,  

before there was a star of Bethlehem  

or three wise men even 

there were winters 

cold and deep, 

and those who gathered round a warming fire  

where stories were told that some would swear  

were true, while others, knowing fact from fiction  

began to suspect the need for stories on nights so deep. 


For from the embers born of dwindling fires, 

metaphor appeared to those who lingered  

long after others had gone,  

and those inclined to prod embers  

for the mysteries they hold 

pondered the tendrils of ash & smoke  

curling skyward toward a star-filled night 

signaling mysteries embedded in the infinite 

where only those with eyes to see them  

dared ponder their meaning.  


Was this the origin of the wise men? 

Did they pick up sticks and stir those embers, 

letting loose a spark that gave life to metaphor, which,  

in its wisdom, wrapped itself around their curiosity  

and said  


here, a puzzle 

from me to you  

one never meant to solve  

but to embrace, as one embraces 

the unknown  

in the deepest cold of winter  

where stars give just enough light 

to guide us,  

to bring us all together  

around warming fires 

so we can hold hands,  

tell stories,  

and not feel so alone  

on this great big spinning rock. 



©Adrienne Veronese  



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